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Valencia City

The Valencia region Spain is an extremely beautiful and very fertile area known as La Huerta (Garden of Spain).

The famous Spanish song lyrics of the popular Spanish song 'Valencia' say Valencia is the land of flowers, light and love. Flowers because Valencia is full of flowers, light because of the incredible light Valenciano painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida highlighted in his paintings and love... because Valencia is full of romance and passion.

The Valencia Region of Spain is divided into 3 provinces. CASTELLON to the north, Valencia in the center and ALICANTE in the south. These three provinces form the Comunitat Valenciana - Land of Valencia. This lovely region of Spain has over 500 kilometres of stunning coastline which are full of some of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

If you want to know what this lovely city is all about then you've come to the right place! This lovely city is perfect for a city break or romantic getaway! | There are so many exciting things to do and getting here is easy as there are many cheap flights and you can also travel here by train. | valencia This buzzing city has a magical Old Quarter with an exciting town center. There's also a very trendy area called Barrio del Carmen where some of the best nightlife is.

There are upmarket shops, bars and restaurants and spectacular festivals such as La Tomatina and Las Fallas.

Visit the stunning aquarium (largest in Europe) located in the jaw-dropping City of Arts and Sciences. Don't forget to visit the lovely Turia Gardens which are an essential part of the city.

It's also a good idea to buy a Valencia Map as you may get lost in the narrow winding streets of the historic Old Town and Barrio del Carmen. If you can speak Spanish this helps a lot and you can also learn the language at the Spanish School in the center of town!

Valencia Beach

A very important bonus is that this lovely city is situated next to the Mediterranean sea with miles of lovely white sandy beaches.Spain is famous for its lovely beaches and in this lovely city the beaches are lined with some of the best restaurants in town. The nearby port is where the yachting event the 2007 America's Cup was held (it's also where the 2009 America Cup will be held). In August the 2008 European Grand Prix will be held on a brand new street circuit around the port, similar to the one in Monaco.

The hotels and hostels are excellent and if you like golf you won't be disappointed



North of the City

South of the City

Valencia Region Spain


Visit the Old Quarter of Valencia

Visit the Old Quarter of Valencia

A trip to Valencia would'nt be complete without visiting the historic quarter of the city. Take a photographic tour and see the Best things to do in the Old Quarter of Valencia. Visit El Miguelet and the Cathedral - see the Holy Grail and enjoy the cafes and bars of this bohemian area. Don't forget to vist Barrio del Carmen in the north of the Old Quarter as it's one of the most trendy and popular areas to go at night - enjoy!

Come to Valencia City.
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